How To Use

How To Use

MyZcapital is online polling software, which allows you to create and participate in different types of polls, including:

  • Regular Polls
  • Prediction Polls 



  1. Polls consist of questions having two to nine answer options with or without media content.
  2. Members of Any program (Free, Regular, Advanced) will be able to participate in polls.
  3. Only members enrolled in Advanced Program can create polls. 
  4. Participation in sponsored polls will help you collect Z-points. 
  5. As you create polls, you will be able to select more than 1 category and up to 10 tags.
  6. Polls can be shared on Facebook, Instagram, and Google+.



  1. Prediction polls allow you to predict the outcome of a particular event by a given date.
  2. All members can participate in prediction polls.
  3. Only Advanced Program members will be able to create prediction polls.
  4. You can earn up to 15 Z-points by making a correct prediction about the outcome. 
  5. To create a prediction poll, you need to have at least 1050 Z-point balance.
  6. The Prediction poll must be created at least 2 days before the event.
  7. Within 5 days after the event is over, the poll creator must submit the outcome of the event. If the creator of the poll fails to submit the outcome after the designated date, MyZcapital will submit the outcome. In such case, the poll creator will not be able to receive Z-point refund for wrong answers.
  8. If the event is cancelled, the poll creator must submit a video or picture with clear evidence within 3 days of cancellation. After the evidence has been reviewed and approved within 24 hours by MyZcapital, the creator of the poll will receive a full redemption of Z-points. 
  9. Predictions can be shared on Facebook, Instagram, and Google+.


Membership programs

MyZcapital offers 3 types of membership programs. 

  • Free program
  • Regular program
  • Advanced Program


Free program

  1. No charge to register. Registration can be done with or without a referral code. 
  2. Participation in all types of polls.
  3. Members can collect Z-points from all activities; however, points will be frozen until the free program member upgrades to Regular Program Membership.
  4. Free program members won’t be able to create any type of polls.


Regular program

  1. One-time registration fee of $10.
  2. Registration fee is non-refundable.
  3. No referral code is required if registered through shared myZcapital poll on Facebook from another member.
  4. Participation in all types of polls.
  5. Members can collect Z-points from all activities.
  6. Regular Program members cannot create any type of polls.
  7. All Z-points accumulated from regular activities may be redeemed, except for points accumulated from Advanced Program members.
  8. To activate pending Advanced Program points, members in Regular Program must upgrade to Advanced Program.


Advanced program

  1. One time registration fee of 25$.
  2. Advanced Program is an upgrade from Regular Program.
  3. Members can create and participate in all types of polls.
  4. Accumulation of Z-points from all activities.
  5. Full redemption of Z-points. 


Referral Program

  1. Our referral program gives you a chance to earn Z-points when a new member is in any way linked to you 
  2. Referral based reward program enables you to earn 300 Z-points with each newly signed member for the Regular Program, and 600 Z-points with each newly signed member for the Advanced Program.
  3. When any new member signs using your referral code, they will be placed on program referral line. Depending on which program new members choose to sign up for, they will appear either on free, regular, or advanced columns.



Z-points can be accumulated by:

  1. Participating in sponsored polls
  2. Participating in prediction polls
  3. Referring a friend 
  4. Sharing polls on Facebook 


For more details on Z-point accumulation, visit the Q&A page. 


Bonus Z-points 

You will earn 30 Z-points for every new member who will sign up by using a poll link shared by you on Facebook. This will add up to your points and appear in bonus column on “Membership and Z-points” page, in the “Credits” dashboard. 


For more details on bonus Z-points please see “Affiliate program” section.