Questions and Answers


1. What is myZcapital?

 MyZcapital is online polling software, which allows you to create and participate in different types of polls. With MyZcapital, getting answers to any questions you might have is fun and simple. Members are able to anonymously ask questions and receive answers with answer statistics. MyZcapital brings people with similar interests together into groups, and provides its members with an advanced option to filter and personalize target respondents for each question posted. And lastly, you are able to make money with MyZcapital based on your network and correct predictions you make for the posted online polls. 



2. What is the difference between each Membership program?

 Here is a chart with a summary of all benefits that comes with each of three programs. 


 Free programRegular programAdvanced program
Participation in all types of polls
View, share and analyze the poll results
Opportunity to accumulate Z-points
Gains from your network by using and sharing your referral code
Opportunity to redeem Z-points  
Creating regular polls    

Creating prediction polls




3. Why do I need to register?

 Registration on MyZcapital allows access to the full benefits offered to our members.   A mandatory registration is required to participate in any type of polls and get answers and statistics for each of the polls. 


4. How do I register?

 To register, click on the “Sign up” button on the upper right corner of your screen.  Fill in the required fields or sign up with your Facebook account. Please read our Terms and Conditions section before registering. 


5. Why do I need to answer statistics questions?

 Statistics questions allow any user to check the answers to their created poll questions based on general demographics of the respondents. Using the filter button, users can choose a specific group of respondents (e.g. by age group, job role, etc.) to answer their created polls.  After the registration is complete, you will be asked to provide general demographics to allow the poll creators to examine the results of the answers to their questions based on the respondents’ certain demographics. 



6. What are Z-points and what is a referral code? 

Z points are virtual points that you get from participating in sponsored and prediction polls and/or buy in our “Purchase Z points” section. Also, you can get Z points by sharing our polls on Facebook, and with every newly signed member from that shared link you get bonus points.

After registration, every member gets his/her personal referral code by sharing which and having people registered is another way of getting Z points (the code can be shared on Facebook, Google +, Twitter, Pinterest and Vkontakte). Here is the explanation of how to do it:

“Imagine Adam has the referral code 00000 and he shares his code with you. Adam will receive 100 Z points if you get registered using his code, in turn you will receive your own referral code (11111) and become 1st level referral in Adam’s referral tree..

Now, let’s assume your friend Jack asks for your code. Using your referral code, Jack is able to register and receive his own code (22222) becoming your 1st level referral and Adam's 2nd level referral.

In this case, YOU will receive 100 Z points and Adam will receive an additional 100 Z points, totaling his points to 200 Z points. You can earn Z points up to the 9th referral level. 

The good news is, there is no limit to the number of members you can give your code to.


7. Do my Z points expire?

No, your Z points never expire. You may use your earned Z points anytime to shop in our online store or to get a cash back.



8. How can I use my Z points?

You can redeem your Z points with different products in our Z store. The prices in the Z store are in Z points and will be charged from your available Z point balance.



9. Can I get cash back by redeeming my Z points?

Yes! In our Z store you can get cash back of your collected Z points, but it works only for EARNED Zpoints. The ones you bought with money can’t be exchanged.



10. Can I change my personal data after I register?

 Yes! In the dashboard of the main page you will find “Profile” section where you can make any necessary changes to your personal data.


11.Can my MyZcapital account ever be blocked or removed? 

 MyZcapital monitors all user registrations. Users registering with fake Facebook or e-mail accounts with an intention to collect bonus points will lose all the accumulated bonus points and will be issued a beneficiary user violation warning. After 3 violations the account owner will be blocked of using bonus function benefits. 


12.How to contact us?

 Please go to “contact us” section on the bottom of the home page for questions or assistance. You may also use our hotline e-mail for direct connection.